Saturday, January 11, 2014

My favourite anytime snack

This is great for breakfast, gorgeous for morning tea, makes a good lunch and if you are peckish at three.... well....
Walk to the glasshouse, take a deep breath and smell the earthy growing scent. Look at the glorious produce, pick the biggest ripest beefsteak tomato that you can then walk back to the kitchen.
Toast a piece of wheatmeal or wholemeal fresh bread. Put a 1cm slice in the middle and use as much cracked pepper and salt as you like. Eat, Savour and Enjoy. (In my aim to be a bit healthier I did not use any butter on the toast and it is still awesomely delicious).


  1. Yum. This is our first year without a garden and hence a veggie patch. Just missing wandering outside to find some goodness. Enjoy yours though.

  2. Yum, tomato! It's a favourite snack in our family too! Happy with a simple salad of tomato an onion, pepper and salt.

  3. Try a sprinkle of sugar, Tomato is a fruit and the flavour change is wonderful with just a sprinkle of sugar. You will be amazed.

  4. Best snack especially on Vogel bread toasted.


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