Sunday, January 26, 2014

A bit bonkers

Well last night we got home from another 8 days away camping. This time the weather was good and the swimming was great. Yay, I have had a summer holiday.

Anyway, we got home at 5.35pm and by 6.10pm I was baking. I felt bonkers!!! (hence the title) as there was washing all over the floor, unpacking to do, gardens to look at but no- I baked. All because before we left I forgot to put the bananas in the freezer for later use. So on the bench were five very brown bananas. Though once peeled they were just over ripe inside, where I had expected brown.

So I made a double batch banana cake that is yum! I used the Edmonds recipe but don't bake it as long as their baking time makes the cake come out a bit dry.


  1. Must be the weekend for it, I've got a double batch Edmonds banana cake in the oven as I type. Antz (late) birthday shout for work. x

  2. Love the Edmond's Cookery Book, cake looks yummy. x


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