Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Another thing crossed off my list

Now all covered 
Little boy material - gone.

Well it has been over two years since I redecorated Eli's bedroom and I have finally recovered the squab on his side table. He chose the fabric a long time ago as it is NZ themed and looks like the All Blacks material. He decided on a red piping. I used the zip from the previous squab cover.

So he has finally purged all the little boy stuff from his bedroom.

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  1. Eli's bedroom is looking great! Thanks for stopping by with your sweet comment. Loved hearing from you!

  2. Yay - so satisfying ticking things of lists! I'm sure Eli is very pleased with his updated and 'grown-up' addition :)

  3. It looks really cool! The piping nearly looks neon. Good choice.

  4. Love the black and white fabric. I am still a bit sad that my 14 year old doesn't want his Thomas The Tank Engine duvet cover any more.


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