Tuesday, January 7, 2014

Dansey's Pass

Kyeburg diggings at Danseys Pass
 One of the day trips that we did was to go over the Danseys Pass and back. We left the campground (Danseys Pass Holiday Park) and headed into the blue yonder (or rather grey and misty yonder). Over the Pass we went in our two wheel drive vehicle only to find that it is a four wheel drive road only. But we made it OK. It is not a road for the fainthearted and we did consider going the long way back (172km via Oamaru) rather than do the road again. But going back was OK as the day had been dry so it was easier than when damp in the morning. 
The boys graffiti on the car
The New Hotel (rather old actually but newer than the ruins!
Ruins of an old hotel by the "new" hotel
An old mining hotel
 Once we got to Nasby the weather improved and we did an 8km walk along an old goldmining water race. We played Poo Sticks most of the way and I won!!!

Th goldmining water race
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  1. Shame about the weather you had, when we went through Alexandra at lunchtime on Christmas Day it was 12 degrees, couldn't believe it, normally it would be nearer 30! Danseys is a lovely drive, it's a long time since we've been over it....


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