Monday, January 27, 2014

Craft completions while camping

Over the Summer while we have been away I have been getting on with either finishing or starting various hand work projects.
Bible memory verses
I finished all the stitching blocks that I am going to do for a quilt that displays some of the kids Bible memory verses from school from last year. Yay, now onto the patchwork to put it all together. 
I started an applique using Asian woven fabrics  - eventually it will be the front of a  messenger style bag for me. 
I finished the hand piecing of these stretched look hexagons that I showed you when I started - here. I made a block big enough to make a new wallet and another little block to hold all my loyalty cards.

As you can see I am currently enjoying using my collection of Asian woven fabrics. So different to the normal American quilting cottons and such gorgeous textures.

I really enjoyed the hand stitching. Lately I have found myself reverting back to hand stitching things. I guess as the kids become older it is easier to do work by hand. 

I link to these places - I will be definitely linking this up to Finish it up Friday and WIP Wednesday.


  1. yay for finishes! Hand-stitching is so simply, easy and relaxing - no doubt your are enjoying it :)

  2. I love woven cloth too, it feels so beautiful to the touch, and best of all can often be used on both sides! Your patchwork looks lovely, looking forward to seeing the finished result.

  3. Love all your hand work. Your bible versus are so precious!

  4. Beautiful projects! That Asian wool piece is amazing.

  5. Great work! I don't attempt to craft while camping (too messy with sunscreen or insect repellent LOL!) When camping I aim to read read read! Then when I get home I try to sew sew sew!

  6. I like these very much. The texture of the wovens is really different and nice too. I just love to hand piece, especially paper piecing. I like something to do with my hands in the evening. Go see what I'm making by hand too. LeeAnna

  7. Love all your projects. The Asian wovens are so different :-)

  8. Lovely, I too spend a fair bit of time hand stitching, its mostly why I've been suffering and slowly recovering from carpel tunnel outbreak. I've never used the Asian woven fabrics, where do you buy them?


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