Wednesday, September 25, 2013

My tomatoes can see clearly now

Well two weeks ago I blogged about sewing while a storm raged. That storm trashed the glasshouse. Hmm.. what to do?
1. Listen to my Father in Law
2. Follow his instructions
3. Try to enlist his help
4. Buy all the bits
5. Make a date with said FIN

So this morning I did not go to work. After being depressed yet again with what is happening with the America's cup - if there was no time limit we would have already won!! My FIL came over and we set too.

I did have a lot of a dark cellular type plastic up in places originally. This is what came from the person whom we bought it off. Now what I did not realise was that this storm was a blessing in disguise.

We have used corrigated polythene for all the areas that required replacing. My FIL and I are blown away with what a difference that has made. Glued and screwed, pushed and cut, in it went and the glasshouse is so light!!

Wow I am now going to win the family tomato competitions!!!

The dark stuff you see still on the door was all along the side and also in one of the front panels. Now clear and beautiful.

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  1. Looking great! Bring on some nice healthy tomato plants! And the TV is now turned off.....when it effects my mood for the day it's best to move on :)

  2. Family tomato competition. I may "steal" this idea for my family.


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