Monday, September 9, 2013

Random Sewing

Last night I was super tired and could not really concentrate. I had a broken sleep the night before as I was looking after my 1 year old nephew. But it was only 8pm and too early for bed so I turned the sewing machine on and looked at my scraps.

Now my scraps are not organised, they are not colour coordinated, they are not in neat squares or strips. I have been ready so many people's blogs lately that have such tidy scrap piles. Not me!!!

I keep making things from my scrap bags but they don't seem to reduce, so I thought "right I will just start sewing some together" So I did. I found it really weird not having a definite pattern to think about and trying to jigsaw the pieces together. But I think this may be the beginning of a new quilt.

I had thought of sewing these together and making a ironing board cover BUT then I thought what happens to my ironing with all those bumpy seams?? So that idea got canned.

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  1. Looking forward to seeing how it comes together!

  2. Quilt sounds like a good idea. I too have got a scrap pile that seems to generate scraps all by itself. I've seen some great quilts around using this idea and I think it works not to think too much about what goes with what - I'm sure it will be magnificent!


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