Thursday, September 19, 2013

Oh so delicious - Poached Salmon

I am channeling spring!! Actually I was looking at my SIL facebook page about her going's on. She wrote the book Coromandel Flavour and when we stayed with her two Christmases ago we had deconstructed Salad Nicoise for Xmas lunch. (not sure if I have spelt that right). So thinking of her and the fact that I was going to have fish for dinner inspired this.

A yummy - almost summer - evening meal.

Poached Salmon
I put a side of salmon covered in water in a tray big enough for it.
Added - 3 bay leaves, 12 peppercorns, and a sliced lemon. Baked in the oven 20 minutes.

Boiled Nadine potatoes and finished them with mint. Steamed greens (a mixture of garden leeks and broccoli with shop bought beans) and made Jamie Oliver's 15 minute meals cous cous salad.

Went to make some tar-tare sauce but had no gerkins so just put chives and coriander in.

What a fantastic meal

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