Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Upside down propagating

Most definitely growing

My sister and I have this thing about propagating plants. She swears she cannot do it. I can't see why not.

When I prune etc I just stick some in the ground and next spring they are ready to plant. But my sister swears that nothing she puts in the ground lives. So I often propagate things for her.

No doubt about it being upside down.
Though even I am a bit stunned by this. I have realised that I propagated the gooseberry but put the twig in upside down. Now all the rules about propagating plants are that if you take a trimming you must ensure that you keep it the right way up or not roots etc with grow.

Well this gooseberry is defnitely upside down. I had been looking at it wondering why it looked wrong, then i twigged! It should have been the other way up. As you can see from the branch that is pointing down instead of up and all the buds are pointing down etc.

But blow me down, it is still growing. So I have had to blog about it and skite a bit to my sister.

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  1. hahaha yes that's cool that the cutting still striked!
    my mum is amazing at taking cuttings, where as I have alot of cuttings out front at nothing has taken yet....maybe I'm just to impatient! I do however do well with layering for extra plants....the day a cutting strikes for me, I'll be one very happy woman :)


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