Wednesday, September 11, 2013

A new ironing board cover

my gorgeous new ironing board
A while ago there was a swap for ironing board covers. At the time I thought that I should have participated but I just had too many things going on.
the manky old worn out board
In the weekend I was ironing (no not household stuff - that never happens- it was crafty things) and my iron kept going in the holes on my cover. I looked at several of the ironing board covers that people had made and I thought of using my random sewing from the other day. When thinking about the practicality of it I realised that something with lots of seams could end up making my ironing bumpy.
I also realised that it gets a bit of a workout so I would need a heavier weight of fabric. I knew just what to get as I had seen it in The Make Cafe. So I went online to order and got a bonus free shipping!!! yay
The little embellishing
So 1/2 metre of Dandelion in Storm and half a metre of a matching drill in Slate was ordered. It arrived yesterday (wow super fast only one day). It arrived beautifully bundled up with yellow ribbon. I immediately realised that would make a great accent and in my stash I had some wide yellow bias binding and some smaller yellow, just enough for an accent and around the edges. I hunted around and found the measure ribbon that I had bought for only $0.60 per metre on trade me.
Even the underside is neat and matching!!
So during a stormy stormy night last night I re padded my ironing board, sewed and new cover and put it on. All the while thinking the power may go out at any moment.

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  1. It's so nice having a new cover! yay for you!

  2. Love it! What pleasure it will give you :)

  3. Oh I need to make one of these! Love that measure ribbon!

  4. Lovely! I love the touch of yellow with the grey.

  5. Ha - I was ironing patchwork that night and thinking the same thing!! A great job - I love that you have kept the colour palette simple but added the tape measure ribbon for accent - divine!

  6. Want to make one for me? Hehe... My ironing board cover is non existent. It is actually a tea towel. Embarrassing I know :). Xx

  7. Hee hee, I wondered what you were going to make when I packaged your fabric for you :-)
    It looks wonderful- I may have to follow your lead and do something similar!!!
    J x

    1. Hey Juliet, you will have to make sure you blog it if you do make one. What with Lisa at Big little needing a new one too I am sure we can start a trend (or craze!! or are we just crazy?)

  8. super cute ironing board cover. Mine is looking more than a little dingy these days and I might have to take the plunge and make one for myself soon!

    Thanks so much for linking up with Needle and Thread Thursday!

    :) Kelly @ My Quilt Infatuation

  9. Great ironing board cover....need to do one of these to. Thanks for sharing. Thanks for sharing stopping by from Crazy Mom Quilts.

  10. Love the yellow and grey together. I need to make a new cover, too...mine is terrible.

  11. That is a fun cover! Love it :) I need to make one bad but I bought a nice one that I liked at the time and now can't find it! lol Oh well... maybe if I make one I will find it :) Thanks for sharing your handiwork. Found you on Sew Many Ways :) Kathi


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