Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Who's that sitting on my quilt?

The newly finished quilt
Yes I am channeling the three bears. Last night I did it. Yes I finished my quilt for the second time!! Oh I am so so pleased that I redid the binding. I used a mottled grey that I bought at Fabric Vision. It is the exact colour I had in mind, but not having any in my stash and wanting to use my stash I tried something else. Never again. Next time I will go with my gut feeling.

I finished it last night and threw it on the sofa to photograph this morning. When I woke this morning there was no Morris on our bed. I commented to Aaron that it must be summery and warm for Morris not to sleep at our feet, BUT NO..... he was snuggled into my new quilt on the sofa!!!!!

I link to these places and am thrilled to link this to Crazy Mum Quilts - finish it up friday.

The new grey binding.

The previous mottled binding


  1. Love this!! It's absolutely beautiful Karen, great work.

  2. You got it right...the new binding is much better than the first one. Great job!

  3. Looking great. The grey binding is looking really lovely. xx

  4. What a beautiful quilt. I love all the details.

  5. Your dog sure knows how to pick a great place to sleep! It's amazing how such a thin strip of colour can completely change the look.... Your instincts were right, it's lovely :)

  6. Great job...looks like it got the family tick of approval xx

  7. Looks great. Nice job.


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