Friday, September 20, 2013

Well Hmph

Just because I could not sleep in my bed last night, (Way too much coughing so vacated to the couch so that everyone else could sleep) does not mean that Morris gets my side of the bed. In the morning I looked in and this is what I saw... and head on my pillow even!!!
 Being rather tired from a very disturbed night, and the feeling tense because we lost a race in the America's Cup, the boys were late to school. Once they had gone I realised that Eli had left behind something he needed today. So off to school and a wee sidetrack visit to the Charity Barn in Rangiora - gave me this...
Oh I love retro, and in our family having breakfast in bed is seen as a real treat and special, so when I saw this butlers tray I could not resist.

Yes I did previously find on at the same place, so now Aaron and I can sit in bed like the King and Queen (hopefully the boys will cotton on to bringing us breakfast). But NOT tomorrow, no more nail biting stuff watching the America's Cup race. Go Team NZ.

I link to some of these place - especially here


  1. it is so cheerful looking too, just what you need after a wakeful night!

    ps. the quilt in your header pic is just gorgeous, a proper, heirloomy, old school quilt, my favourite kind.

    have a great weekend x

  2. I can't remember seeing Morris before Karen. He's gorgeous. They think they're human I'm sure of it. That's a nice tray. Good find.

    Anne xx

  3. thanks for commenting on my blog. i'm definately going to have to check out that barn in Rangiora once i'm settled back in CHCH.
    this watching of the Americas Cup is mighty stressful!. lets hope we secure it in the next 48hours!.

  4. What an adorable little doggie Morris is. I have an entitled doggie too. Love the tray you found. It's perfect in all its vintage glory.


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