Tuesday, October 1, 2013

Out with the old and in with the new

Well, I have not been very active in craft and blog land over the last bit and I expect that not to change for a couple of weeks. Yesterday after work I had 30 minutes and so went to de-stress and had a coffee at the Addington Coffee Co-op. Afterwards I went to the Salvation Army shop in Addington and found these fabulous shoes for $5

What is going out? - EQR work has been nightmarish and my boss has made the choice to limit work with them. So out go half my hours.
What is coming in? Well it means more time to Op Shop (though less money to do so!! hmm the conundrum). But also time to finally try and get the mess that is the garden sorted.

What is going out? Our EQR work is finally being done on our house, so out goes the bathroom next week. But that also means I have to remove the carpet in the hall and bedroom and the vinyl in the bathroom, plus all the bathroom stuff. Try to do that this week while Aaron has been called away to Nelson for work. Juggle the boys for the school holidays and try to visit every EQR house our work is doing as they are auditing every site operated by their Kaiapoi hub - Far out!!!!
What is going in? A new vanity, a new shower, a fixed floor crack and then lots of painting for me (as you can see my less hours at work is going to be well and truly used at home.)

What is going out? - Winter
What is coming in? - Camping time, family time, gardening time, all the painting etc I have to do time!! and hopefully in amongst all this I am going to get a bit more me time (Well maybe in a month or so).

So onward and upward and enjoy the summer then look for some new work in the Autumn.

Thinking of you all - especially Deb as she has and is going through the same stuff. Anyone who does not read her blog should!!! (Well in my personal opinion)

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  1. that addington oppy never fails to provide the good stuff, honestly i have never left there empty handed and i'm super-picky! you really have my sympathy, re both sides of the eqr problem. i've never been as stressed in my life as dealing with it all, and the were just back again this week to repair a repair that failed... good luck with it all and see hyou on the other side xxx


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