Tuesday, October 8, 2013

Great start to a cold and rainy day

It took a while to get up this morning, all snuggly in bed with the rain outside. But once I did and ran around putting things in the garage so the place was clear for the builder- it was only 8.50am. Checked the hot tub and it was still 37oC after we let the fire still tick over last night. So I made a latte and jumped in the hot tub, all by myself!! It was quiet an peaceful, heaven. The boys were watching TV so they left me alone.

Now the boys are in it. I have to say that it is a great cold day activity.

What is with the weather? I had decided that summer was almost here and have taken the electric blanket off the bed, taken off the flannelette sheets etc. And yesterday I planted a lot of stuff in the garden. Ah well - Murphys Law I guess.


  1. To reply - She actually has one of those too! I just couldn't find a pic of it.. hehe! xx

  2. We've had the complete opposite Karen. What's supposed to be a beautiful, mild time of year, it has been horrendously hot and dry. Some parts of western Queensland were well of 40 degrees over the weekend. This hot weather is now on its way to use. Mid to high 30's forecast for the rest of the week. Sometimes I think I prefer the humidity. Anne xx

    1. I have been watching, it is not good having such an early bushfire season. Hope it does not affect you.


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