Thursday, October 24, 2013

It may not represent much to you....

But this vinyl down in the hall cupboard and our wardrobe represents lots to me:
The hall cupboard

  • It means the the floor cracks are finally fixed. 3 years after the first earthquake, so finally the end of waiting to get things done.
  • 4 hours hard slog. I am sitting here feeling quite trashed. I had to sand the floor first then measure and cut the tiles to fit, then glue them down. A lot of the tiling is in under fixed shelving and so this has been hands and knees and getting into tight corners.
  • Money saving - by doing it myself it means we save money
  • I will get some of my room back - I can now get some of the clothes and shoes that are all over the place back into the wardrobe.
  • A marked improvement in my DIY skills, a lot more accurate than other tasks I have undertaken
So onward and upward as I wait to be able to paint the bathroom. Maybe I will soon be able to get the carpet layer in to do the hall and our bedroom. Wow - we wont know ourselves.
Our bedroom wardrobe


  1. Okay, I am suitably impressed by your tile laying skills. You have my permission, not that you need it by any means, to stop for a cuppa.

    1. I have stopped today!!! did a bit of op shopping and tidying up around the house now that everything can go back in the cupboards

  2. Looks perfect to me! Sounds like great progress is being made...


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