Monday, October 14, 2013

Our school holiday break away

In the second week of the school holidays we took a four day break away to our favourite place. Geraldine Farmyard Holiday Park. My sister came too with her kids and we had side by side cabins.

While we were away our bathroom was meant to be done. The shower and handbasin had been ripped out, but sigh......... nothing happened. But it is all go this week and quite good to be here to answer questions and make last minute changes (poor builder!!!) that I seem to be doing a bit of!!
Good old Tinkerbell is the boys favourite but really had enough!! She tried to bowl Eli over so that she could get to the hitching rail. Not bad for an old girl. 
Here she is starting to take things into her hoof. 
Mr show off made lots of noise but did display a lot - really rather gorgeous. 
The farmyard park is so relaxing for adults, Anna and I got a lot of little knitting sessions in. A bit of rhubarb cake and tea. The kids just took off for hours at a time. Most of the time was playing mini golf or in with the baby guinea pigs. 
The weather was great but these were essential footwear. 
The boys had great boys time. 
Great walks were had. The traditional photo of the photographer taking a photo. I had a couple of awesome walks by myself and this lovely family one. 
Jakob the tramper who can zoom up mountains - way in advance - unlike Eli who was pretty grumpy about walking today. 
What a gorgeous destination 
Some happy and some not so happy

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