Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Learning to use the sewing machine

Learning to use the back button
Eli has been working hard on his first ever piece of patchwork.
concentration and excitement

Our School has a really good, optional, homework programme. If you participate then at the end of the year you get a badge. Eli, being the full on- into everything person that he is - decided he wanted to do it this year.

He had to choose 8 things to do through the year. One he chose was to learn something new, a new craft, sport etc. He chose to learn how to patchwork.

Over the summer when camping, I taught him how to do English Paper Piecing hexagons. So he would sit doing his patchwork in the evening in the caravan with me.

Now he wants to put those hexagon flowers onto a square to turn into a pad to put his MP3 player etc on in his room. So over the last few nights I have taught him how to use Vliesofix so that everything is stuck together and he is not using pins.

Last night was onto the sewing machine. Wow was I impressed. He has never used the machine before and his stitching was amazingly accurate, he did not run off but had the presser foot down so that the machine worked slowly but consistently. I have a Bernina with knee control, so he had to learn to use that to raise and lower the foot. He had to follow the line of his hexagons. This was not an easy, sew a straight line, for a first sewing project.

He LOVED it. He was really taken with the machine, made Aaron and Jakob come and watch him. Kept saying "This is an awesome gadget mum, you must love the sewing machine".
Look at that perfect stitching. Amazing for the first time ever

Keeping hands away from the needle

This morning his enthusiasm was obviously still up as now he wants to make more hexagons to put onto his bit of quilting.

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  1. that's just fantastic! I so love watching my daughter sew (even if there are a few moments of panic). Kids are the best and yours has done a great job!

  2. What a fantastic effort Eli! It looks so cool, and you have great skills, well done on such a neat job!

  3. That is brilliant :) and I love his enthusiasm over how much you must love your machine!!

    Ps: also I left a comment on my blog on what pattern number etc the shorts I made were :))

  4. I came across your blog by way of the Our Home Away from Home party ( the black and white dress post link ) and I'll be back! :) Eli is sewing better than me, ha ha hourglass quilt is on my Want to Do list so I have bookmarked your blog for that but it looks like you have alot of things going on! :)

    1. Hi Debra, thanks for visiting, I am popping over to your blog and loving your photos. The hourglass quilt is a good one to start with because you just have to sew all your seams the same, you do not need a 1/4 inch foot or do any fancy maths.


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