Monday, June 17, 2013

Two quilt tops done

I wanted to label this blog post "Old married couple fulfilling their passions at night!!" but imagine what that would do to a search engine!!!!!!

Tonight I have been sandwiching a quilt top and Aaron has been Xbox racing. Both in the same room, not really talking to each other, but enjoying what we are doing with the fire on. Contentment.

double hourglass quilt
Double Hourglass block

The quilt is made of flannelette - being my usual recycled PJ's. I started it on Saturday night when a few of us had a wee get together, then finished the piecing last night. It is made from the left over blocks of this quilt.
A few extra rows around the edge make it big enough for a child's quilt. So this is destined for the Orphanage in Kenya that I support - Hope Homes International.

The other quilt was made by a group of us who came to my house about once a month to specifically make quilts for Hope Homes. But the earthquakes have put a stop to that and with all the stuff that goes on, it has never restarted.

I have just done a count up of the quilts I have. 5 single  or slightly bigger completely finished quilts, 1 completely finished cot quilt, 2 bassinet quilts donated. I also now have these two quilt tops done and sandwiched ready for quilting (I am already stockpiling my things to do on my big quilting weekend away in July). Plus there is another quilt top that I need to sandwich ready to go. I also have one half quilted top and some other blocks donated by Shirley that I need to stitch together. Jeanette was halfway through a gorgeous purple quilt when the first earthquake hit - hopefully that one will get finished too.

I am aiming to get quilts for every child in a house. There are currently 2 houses plus some kids being raised at the Missionaries house. So all up I need 30 quilts at the moment. So if any of you have any quilts you have made that you don't like. Or 1/2 finished that you don't want to do - I am keen to take them off your hands.

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  1. Oh yay! they look great :) hurrah for contentment i say :)

  2. Beautiful work! I love that you are making quilts for children who need some comfort. ~ Linne

  3. I love your recycled PJs quilt and the colourful one looks great too, Good luck with all that sewing :)

  4. What a nice project you are doing for those children! That flannelette one looks so happy and cozy I'm sure it will be well loved.

  5. what a lovely thing to be doing, good on you, and good luck with it x

  6. Love your hourglass quilt! Thanks for stopping by and commenting on my blog :) Sorry I did not reply sooner,but your comment went to my spam box. You are showing up as a no reply blogger.

    1. Thanks for making the effore CeLynn. it is a long story but I know that I am a no reply blogger. It is something that cannot be changed. sigh.

  7. They look beautiful! What a great project. They will be loved for sure.

  8. Ooh a flannelette quilt sounds super snuggly! I bet it will be well loved by its new owner. Such a lovely thing to do giving away these beautiful quilts.
    Thanks for linking up with Matariki Crafting.


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