Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Gorgeous scents wafting through my kitchen.

I have had several bits left over in my kitchen in the last couple of days, so tonight was time to get my A into G and deal with it.

The egg whites, that were left over from making Creme Anglais (Creme a la Vanille), I have made into little mini meringues. They look gorgeous and Aaron says they are yummy!!!

Then the Feijoas that have been hanging around - the little ones that were left on the tree and really aren't worth cutting to eat. (Last weekend I made some more Feijoachello but this time I used a little less sugar and added the rind and juice of two lemons to the pulp).

So I made Feijoa and Ginger Jam. I had tried this once before but did not put enough ginger in so you could not get that taste coming through. This time looks and tastes good.
Feijoa and Ginger Jam (recipe by me)
1kg Feijoas (I just used the flesh for 900g and chopped up 100g nice firm ones with the skin on)
100g crystalised ginger (chop up into a size to suit you).
                                                   Put those into a pot and add 
850g white sugar. Warm this mixture until all the sugar dissolves - DO NOT BOIL. Once the sugar is well dissolved then bring to a simmer and simmer until thick (it took mine only about 10 min)
Add 1 tsp citric acid and stir well.
Allow to simmer another couple of minutes while stirring.
Put into clean sterilised jars and lids.

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  1. Good job! The meringues look great. They keep really well in an air tight container too.... if they are not eaten first! Love feijoas.


  2. Those meringues look great Karen. Can't say I've ever tried feijoa. I reckon it would be good if it was made by you.

    Anne xx


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