Friday, June 21, 2013

Cold but no snow

Patchwork and QuiltingWell over the last couple of days I have wanted a snow day. So did the boys. I had visions of doing heaps of sewing in front of a roaring fire.

I have managed to get a lot more completed. I have pinned out one more quilt for Hope Homes International. (This quilt top was made by a group of us before the earthquakes occured) I have made the binding for the other two quilts that I pinned out.

Eli pulled a groin muscle and was finding it hard to walk so he really enjoyed being home from school today (and Morris was appreciative of a warm knee).

Another charity quilt

I link to these places.

Happy dog


  1. No snow day, but still looks like you got plenty done.... stay warm...hope Eli feels better soon.

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    1. The quilts you popping together are looking great! and such a lovely idea too :))

      ( now that reads better ^^^ )


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