Saturday, June 15, 2013

Am I crazy??

Removed the rotten edging from this bed
Why is it that I always do massive garden reconstructions in the worst weather? It is almost that I have bad weather and realise that it would be sensible to stay indoors but that means I am just itching to get outside.

Today I was going to get on with all my quilt and UFO organisation. BUT instead I have had the sledgehammer out and pulled one garden bed to bits and am redoing the glasshouse.

A month ago Aaron told me that he would like to see the rather ramshackle garden beds looking a bit better. I have a wee pile of bricks so am going to make a brick bed. But sigh, he will not let me take over any more lawn so I have pulled apart a bed that was falling to bits.  I think he is a brave man telling me to brick. Goodness knows how that will turn out!!!!!

Cleared out the glasshouse
So today I pulled the bed to bits - I will put the chickens in it over the next couple of weeks. I used some of the edging that had not rotted and some edging from another bed Aaron has been demolishing and directed it to the glasshouse.

I am trying to make more of a walkway that will not have all the dirt slide onto it over the summer and it will also allow me to build up the beds.

All of this on a day that there are severe rain warnings out and I swear I thought it would snow!!!

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Cleared out these beds, planted spring onion and garlic
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My rather solid new edging to my glasshouse path


  1. Sometimes it's nice working outside in bad weather; at least you don't get overheated! And sometimes the weather is just plain energizing. At least that's what I've found . . . Nice work, by the way. Looking forward to seeing the finished bricking. ~ Linne

    1. I think it will be a while before I get around to doing the bring work Linne :)

  2. I often think that about myself aswell.....Mikes got a pic of me planting out flax along our boundaries, being soaked to the bone in the torrential rain and howling wind BUT with a huge smile on my face....and today we're planting amidst the downpours thats why I'm here catching up on some favourite blogs :)) Enjoy more crazy gardening escapades!


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