Friday, June 7, 2013

I am not a builder

Well lately I have been thinking that I am. I upcycled a chair and was thrilled. I have repurposed a drawer and turned it into storage on wheels, recycled some drawers to store lego.

But sigh. These skills did not go with me today. I build a wee shelter for the chicken food. I am sick of it filling with rain water etc. So two bits of iron that had been kept from a previous chicken coup and a couple of off cuts from the Dumpster at work. (Yes I actually dumpster dove - got into the thing and went fishing round - my boss thought I was bonkers at the time). I made a brace for where the iron joined. I hammered a bit of 2x2 hard up against the junction of the wall and the roof for the iron to jam into and stay in place.

It works!! It is very stable but not very tidy!! When hammering the wood into the ground I kept striking roots and instead of redoing all the bracing I just moved it and left the bits sticking out. So I am not a builder yet.

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  1. Well Im impressed! if it does the job thats all that counts :))) Thumbs up to you for doing it yourself!


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