Thursday, June 27, 2013

The good and the bad

I know we have been through a lot. I know that our household have been one of the luckier ones, only helping out and housing others, not actually losing our property. I know we have had over 10000 quakes and aftershocks and some had me saying that I would leave if there was another big one. I have sadly had to help businesses close down as they can no longer run.

A lot of awful things are still happening to people and places and sometimes it becomes too hard to take and you think you cannot take one more thing.

BUT - I love the changes. I love the thinking outside the square. I love the innovation, the creativity, the chance to try something completely new and not stick to normal formulas. I love some new businesses that have been created where they would never have had the opportunity. I love the opportunities my new job gives and how my kids don't have to go to afterschool care anymore.

I love pallets and so when I found this little garden in Sydenham I had to take photos. I love the positive message in huge mural on the wall, the new buildings being built to allow businesses to reshape and people to be reemployed.

I am choosing today to take the positives out of all that has happened as I felt so interested, uplifted and positive about CHCH when I went through the town yesterday.

Love and Light

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  1. What a great attitude you have. It must be rather traumatic for so many.

    1. It has been hideous for most of my extended family. They are also the lucky ones though and are all now in new houses. Yay. Others are not so lucky though.

  2. Lovely post Karen - thinking of you all :)

  3. So uplifting to see all the positivity, where it would be so easy to see only the negative, lovely post Karen...

  4. You have the most inspirational attitude! But still how hard it has got to be :( I am so sorry...

  5. I can empathise that sometimes in this broken down city you have to make the conscious choice to be positive. Like you I'm always on the look out for interesting and new little projects around the place. Have you been to 'The Sausage Sisters" cafe? Its on the same side of the street as these photos, a block closer to the city - best sausage rolls ever!


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