Thursday, April 24, 2014

Training my boys

With school holidays upon us we still need to have time at home to complete those domestic chores. The boys had prior warning that today was a day of chores. So I started to extend their understanding of what needs to be done around the house. They have the basics sussed now. 

Lovely looking clean lounge
Today they:
  • wiped down the window frames, latches etc. 
  • Dusted their bedrooms including under their Lego (which they had told me was too precious to move)
  • Cleaned and oiled the Rimu wood tables.
  • Vacuumed into the corners and looked at the ceiling for cobwebs etc.
  • As well as the normal vacuuming and dishwasher clearing.
  • Then we went onto baking biscuits. We are going away tomorrow and if they want something sweet they had the time to do it.
This was all completed with minimal fuss (which is rather extraordinary!!!) as they were allowed to have breaks on a new XBox game they were into.
Baking choc chip cookies
So my house is clean as I did the windows, my own room and the toilet and bathroom. I do love a clean house and hopefully the boys are slowly learning to look at the little things too.

I link to these places.

The reward - XBOX time

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