Thursday, April 17, 2014

Easter Treat

I made Red Velvet Cupcakes with Chocolate buttercream icing to look like nests, and added a few Cadbury Easter eggs.
They were yummy and looked great but i could not find my piping bag so the presentation could have been a wee bit better.
I told the boys in the morning what I was doing and they promptly requested cupcakes for their teachers and friends after school. We had school interviews so I thought the teachers might need a wee boost and went along with their idea
When I rocked up at school with a tray of these there were many an admiring glance and when Jakob took them into his class they all wanted one. To say he got a pile of instant friends was an understatement!!

I got the idea as I had been watching the latest Rachel Allen Cake series on TV. So I used her Red Velvet Cupcake recipe - click and it will take you straight to the recipe. Although there are a lot of ingredients in the recipe it is just things you would find in your pantry and is a very quick recipe to do. I did not make her meringue frosting I just used a buttercream icing. I will be making these again.

I link to these places.


  1. Oh I have some of these eggs in my pantry so might have to whip these up with Mr 4 tomorrow if the wet weather keeps up.

  2. It was a huge mistake to view this post when I was getting hungry..oh do these look wonderful! :)

  3. You would have instant friends around our house too.


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