Wednesday, April 23, 2014

My boots were made for walking

But that is not what they normally do!! They sit in the bottom of the wardrobe remembering the times they got out into the bush.
The selfie before starting
Well this last Easter weekend I dusted the boots off and went with Aaron and the boys on a walk in Arthur's Pass. The views were amazing. After an initial hour of up and down we came out on a wide valley, the sun shone and it was gorgeous. 
The up and down bit was almost too much but it was so lovely to be out in the real bush like we used to all the time. 
The boys and I went about half way to the hut and then turned around. Aaron left us and ran to the hut and back again. So we did 12km but Aaron did 22!! Autumn is the time when I seem to be able to tramp. Cold enough to keep my blood pressure up which means I can walk further with not so many issues.
With the way that the weather started at the weekend it was just amazing to have such lovely weather and get out and about on Sat, Sun and Monday. We went down memory lane and stayed at Flock Hill in the backpackers. We talked a lot about Kerryn's wedding there.


  1. The views look gorgeous! Lucky you to have them so close. (Compared to me, for example.)

    Thank you for all the positive comments that you have left on my blog! You seem to read Finnish fluently. ;-)

    1. I have google translate on!! But sometimes you need to translate that too as it gets things a bit muddled. But I can always make out the general idea of your post.


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