Sunday, April 13, 2014

Home made Marshmellow

Well still being on the lookout for work means I have a lot more time at home at the moment. One of the side benefits is I get to try a few new things. So I made homemade marshmellow. There are so many recipes out there and it is so easy to make, but I was unsure how my family would view the home made sort.
All recipes use a stand mixer but I just used a hand beater. I used a recipe from online but cannot remember where fromm (oops). It was super simple to do and Aaron and Jakob loved it but Eli spat it out!!
We tried toasting it over the fire as this is what we love to do when camping. But it just fell apart (or rather oozed and melted off the fork) so we will still have to buy them for campfires.


  1. What fun! I didn't know there were recipes for that....:)

  2. Yum, my mum used to make homemade marshmallow like this all the time! Then she would put it on top of a shortcake type base and we would have marshmallow slice with coconut on top.

    1. Yes I used to make that as a teenager, but only my husband likes it, not the kids. And we do NOT need to eat baking!!


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