Monday, April 28, 2014

The two extremes

This last weekend we spent three nights at Mt Cook where we had freezing driving hail and unbelievable thunder and lightening one day. Then the next day it was hot, hot, sunny and amazing.
So when it thundered and rained we hunkered down and used our ipods etc in the cosy room. After a bit of that I decided that we were there to walk!! We headed off on a easy walk to the Hermitage and then off to the campground. But halfway there we had to turn around as the hail STUNG like crazy. You do need to know when to give up sometimes.

The next day was such a different story. It was stunning and clear. We all walked as a family in the afternoon to the Hooker Glacier - 12km return. The track had been completely changed since we were on it last time. Two new suspension bridges and ending up on the opposite side of the glacier lake than where it used to be.
We were all a bit tired though on the afternoon walk as in the morning Aaron and the boys went up to Sealy Tarns. This is sometimes called "the stairway to heaven" as the views are amazing. Most of the way is on stairs - but tramping stairs so really high legs and hard work. Close to 1800 of them to get these amazing views. 
So in total the boys did close to 16km with a huge portion of that being UP!
I walked the Kea lookout so that I could see the boys and Aaron walking up the ridges to the Tarn.

Amazing day. We love Mount Cook!

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  1. Such a beautiful country we are blessed to live in....


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