Wednesday, April 30, 2014

Sewing lessons - Bukuro Bag

Well it has been a super rainy holidays and yesterday I ended up with Seven children in our little 85 square meter house with the rain bucketing down outside. So what to do when it is a squash and a squeeze?
Keep them all occupied of course. So the fire was on and I rang the girls to say "Bring your sewing machine". Their Christmas present had been a machine. A while ago when I was at the craft and quilt fair in Christchurch I made a Bukuro bag at the Brother stall. This only involves sewing straight lines so I thought it a good project to do.
I almost had the material cut when they arrived and so we got stuck in. Then I found out that the twins had never sewn before. They had not used their new machine. Amy and Mikayla just got going with just instruction on where to sew their seams etc. The twins learnt how to use a machine, go back and forward and be steady and guide material. Mikayla was a great help.
While queuing for the machine they sat with the boys and looked at games etc on the I-Pads. The time zoomed by and 2.5hours were gone before we realised. The awesome thing was all the girls finished their bags and so next time we will be making pin cushions and lanyards for their snips.
Once they all left I lit the hot tub and had a good restful soak!!!

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  1. Great idea getting everybody to make the bags! Very cute and easy and entertaining! Go you for keeping them busy and surviving!

  2. So cool to be able to share your hobby with the kids!

  3. The bags are cute and the makers look so proud and happy!

  4. The bags look great, Karen! What a good idea to entertain all those kids.


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