Sunday, August 18, 2013

This is how we roll....

With piles of paint. Anyone who follows my blog will know that when Aaron goes away - I paint. This time though he knew about it as we have had plasterers in all week. - yay for having our EQC claim paid out.
Rolling , rolling, rolling

The plasterers finally finished on Friday at 1pm.

So that was when I started.
2pm Friday - Sand, prep, gap fill etc all the lounge, kitchen and laundry. Paint the undercoat sealer.
Decide that I was just too tired to continue on and start with the colour (as did not finish until 9.30pm)
Saturday morning - start painting the colour. Finish at 2pm Saturday. Whew!!

mmmm chocolate mousse

I amazed myself as in among that I still made a good healthy dinner on Friday where normally I would resort to takeaways when doing painting. Then this morning after the big rugby club finals day, I decided that I was going to paint the hallway too - it too has been plastered but is a big mission as there are 8 doors and door frame in our hall - aaarrrrrgggggghhhhhh - lots of brush work and edges.

To make me feel better I made some chocolate mousse as a reward for when a layer of painting was done.

The hall so far today has taken four hours and all I have done is prep and undercoat. Eli was very keen to help me and so I put him on the end of a roller. Though I was very quickly abandoned as the company of his brother (who was on the Xbox) was apparently far more interesting (and he told me his arms were tired!).

I am not looking forward to continuing on... but it will happen. Because all the other things have to happen too - school lunches, lots of washing, making beds .................
I had to pop this photo in as part of the EQC work we have fixes to do in the bathroom, cracked floor etc. So we were in Mitre 10 looking at new showers etc and Aaron had to try out this bath - When I took a photo I was advised that it was not to be on my blog - but I am not always known to follow advice.


  1. What a big weekend! Well done you and good luck for finishing it all off!

  2. I kind of regret coming over to your blog now. I started a diet yesterday and now I've seen that yummy mouse, I want some LOLLL btw thanks for leaving a comment on my blog. I couldn't answer by email as you are a 'noreply' blogger.

  3. Love the last pic!! lol :))
    And you must be known as the queen of painting and decorating by now :)) Fantastic.


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