Tuesday, August 13, 2013

It just happened

Another quilt for Hope Homes International

Showing the borders
This is the first time ever that I have been surprised to finish a quilt. A while ago I found the middle blocks at an Op Shop (charity store) for $5. When I took them home to turn them into another quilt for Hope Homes International, I found that I was struggling to get material that would go with the blocks.

While on my quilting retreat, at Living Springs, Hazel passed me some leftover strips from one of her gorgeous quilts she made. As soon as I looked at the material I knew that it would go well. Thanks heaps Hazel.

So yesterday I had an hour before the kids came home from school. I pulled out the ironing board and ironed and sewed some seams. Then I rifled my stash for another material to make it bigger (the big bright outside border) - cut some 5" strips, sewed and realised that the quilt was heaps big enough. Just like that!

All I need to do now is sandwich it and quilt it (and bind it...... oh it will take a bit more time). I felt very productive.

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  1. Just beautiful Karen. (Thanks for your comment on the blog. Most days I have to have a Nanna nap just so I can cope with the after school chaos! LOL)

    Anne xx

  2. Matches your orphan blocks beautifully Karen, great job...


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