Wednesday, August 7, 2013

Sorting all the notices

Now a lovely organised wall
Oh my goodness. How many notices do children get? Some for sports team, some for swimming, some for activities and school trips, some for special sports days, some for activities occurring during the term, some for reading suggestions and on it goes.......

This was held on by blue tack

This was sitting on the floor!
I have notices in a big muddle, stick them to the bottom of the calendar, put some on a very wonky clip and piles on the fridge door. But not any longer!!

I covered three clipboards with scrapbooking paper and then used 3M picture hangers to put them on the wall. Labelled - Family, Jakob, Eli.

Before I did that I used decal paper that is blackboard to cover the section of the wall for notes and shopping. I really want to blackboard paint it but Aaron was not keen. So the decal paper works well but is removable if Aaron really does not like it. If it gets his seal of approval then I can blackboard paint this at a later stage.

All this is happening as I want a tidy kitchen area. I have things all over the show as EQC finally paid us out and I have plastering happening in the kitchen, lounge, laundry, hall and bedroom. Soon I will be very busy painting!!!!

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  1. So Many Notices!! Love this - clipboards are awesome!

  2. these look fab and functional!! :o)

  3. A really clever idea. I have a similar system in my kitchen. Doesn't it feel so nice to not be overrun with notices!

  4. Great ideas. Notices are a big mess at our place. Cx

  5. what a cute idea, and such cute paper!


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