Saturday, August 24, 2013

The Madness of Spring

I am blaming this all on spring. A spring that has sprung about 4 weeks early. All the daffodils are coming out. I picked a bunch of traditional yellow ones and lovely creamy jonquils to add that gorgeous scent. I put them by Aaron's bed as they are his favourite flower (after the poppy - but the sensible poppies realise it is not yet spring and only one is out).

All this madness has extended to my stubborn, obdurate, immovable, mulish (I had to look up synonyms in word to find all these) husband. Or you could put it in a positive frame - persevering, committed and resolute.

Yes we had AGREED - I stress that word - that when our new Canadian Cedar Hot Tub arrived that we would not attempt to put it together but would pay someone. We had the someone lined up. I cam home from soccer this morning to find him very unhappy (and that is putting it mildly) as he had been attempting to erect this hot tub himself!!! Hmmmmmmmmmmm.. It kept falling apart etc. So two hours later with the help of me and the boys the hot tub sides are up.
The half completed hot tub
Now what does this mean? It means that Aaron missed the Opera. Yes this is the New Zealand Opera that came to Christchurch. He has really wanted to go and booked for himself. And he missed it!! Why - because he wanted to get the hot tub up. And he had Really Really wanted to see it.
The bits still left to do.
Well we are going out to dinner tonight. His obstinacy has saved us quite a bit of $$$$ (and we are all pooped.) so we will treat ourselves with a little of that saved cash.

As we have only a half finished hot tub I am going to go and have a relaxing bath. Whew I feel I deserve it.

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  1. Yay for success and boo for frustration! enjoy it now though :)


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