Sunday, August 25, 2013

More Christmas Presents

Well I was inspired by a blogger I follow ____________ (please you NZ bloggers tell me who it is. I have spent the night going through everyone's blogs looking for the right blog to reference) and have done a little ceramic painting.

This blogger had some features of her gorgeous painted mugs in the NZ House and Garden magazine too. So I have been collecting white plates, cups etc and last night before the rugby I started to tackle the project. Mine are a lot more "primitive art" but I am thrilled with them and I know the kids will too when they get a personalised cup and bowl for Xmas.

As instructed I found the pens in Spotlight in NZ. Only $9.95 each. But you do need to shake the packet and make sure you can hear the ball bearing clattering in the pen, if not then that pen has dried up.
The porcelaine pens
A lot of bowls to do
A pile of cups to finish
I link to these places

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  1. Sorry dont have a clue which blog! but it's a pretty neat idea!


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