Sunday, November 11, 2012

The Dude and I

Aaron is away at the Cold Play concert in Auckland. Jakob is staying over at his friends for the night. So it is just me and the Dude.

There has just been the two of us since 5pm last night. The Dude has been very happy as he has gotten to XBox all by himself without his older brother interfering. I had a bath and read my book as I was exhausted. We had been up since 6am doing a garage sale to get rid of all the stuff that Aaron told me I had to. (that was after a night where I was up twice to the Dude as he was having bad dreams) When I got up in the morning yesterday I could not find the Dude - he was in his older brothers' bed sleeping with him. Apparently he had another set of bad dreams that I had not heard and had climbed into bed with Jakob.

tidying his room
Then at 2pm we went to my nephews 5th birthday party. Out at Castle Park - so lots of kids running around, flying fox, petting animals etc in the sun. So last night I actually went to sleep when the Dude did as I had a lot to catch up. (8.30pm - very early for me). This morning we woke at 6.15am and I did not feel like sleeping in. So the Dude and I hopped into bed together with books and magazines and a coffee for me and a hot chocolate for him and we read for an hour.

We decided not to go to church but have a quiet morning with just the two of us.

Since then I have managed to clean out the chooks, put out two loads of washing, fold the washing that was there and make blackcurrant Jam and a banana cake.(it is now only 10.15am). (not too sure how this fits into a quiet morning but hey!!)

Posing on the sofa
I am calling Eli the Dude as I sent him to get dressed and tidy his room, 20 minutes later I went in to see how it was all going and he was all dressed up like a Dude. Took some photos but told him that he needed to give me a cute smile, so he posed on the sofa!!!!

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