Saturday, November 24, 2012

An awesome baby shower

I have just come home from a fantastic baby shower for my cousin Alison. It was held at The Make Cafe in Riccarton, Christchurch. Wow did they pull out all the stops. Decorated beautifully with so many things I just cannot mention them all. Then as an activity we all made a bib. They supplied bibs and material and a cutter and we cut out various pattern, used vliesofix to iron them on and if you felt like it there was thread etc to stitch something.
Gorgeous china and three pots of different tea, coffee, slices........ What a great way to celebrate.


  1. OK, this baby shower idea is so great, I am posting a link to your page on my blog! I don't have lots of readers yet, but you never know what will happen, eh?
    I love connecting with people all over the world, but Hobbitland is my favourite (and I hope you know that is a huge compliment, coming from me! I was nearly 60 when the first film came out and it's the only time I went to a movie opening in costume. My youngest sister is a fan, too, so we went together. Hope you understand...) ~ Linne


Thanks so much for stopping by. I love that you took time out to comment on my blog.

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