Saturday, November 3, 2012

My day

Peonies in the garden
Today we were going to have a family trip to Orana Park. But we woke to wet weather. So coffee and croissants were delivered to me in bed for breakfast (Yum and thank you Aaron). Then I set about doing another of the tasks that I had been procrastinating about - Cleaning the caravan out. Somehow stuff accumulates. So every cupboard and space has been gone through.

We now have a tidy caravan and we no longer have 17 towels!! (slightly excessive). I have pulled down the last lot of curtains to fix as I fixed all the front ones last year. Apart from that the food needs to be stocked up a bit and we are set to rock and roll.

The reason for this is that at Xmas time all of my family are getting together for my sisters wedding and then we are all camping for Xmas and New Year. So we have a few extra chairs in, a few more bits of cutlery, plates etc. Looking forward to it.

Wisteria and Poppies
I am really pleased with the garden at the moment. Thank goodness we did not get the snow that was down south. My peas, beans and carrots have all struck really well and things are progressing in leaps and bounds.

The white wisteria that we planted this winter is flowering like mad, by chance there is a gorgeous red poppy surrounding one of the new plants and they look amazing together.

The organised top cupboards

Looking clean.
We are currently playing a game of family trivial pursuit and the boys are winning!!

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  1. You always seem to achieve so much in such a little time. I on the other hand seem to achieve nothing much in a good length of time, unless under pressure then I can really get going.

    1. Your garden is looking pretty good Dian. I am sure that took time.


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