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Crisis Averted

My gorgeous husband has spent hours resolving the loss of this blog. He got it back!!! I had resigned myself to a new life without blogger. Think of all the housework I could do, think of all the gardening!! But no I am saved from a life of drudgery and can now be a internet freak again.

Isn't he gorgeous!!

To celebrate we had a yummy dessert (well that was my excuse, it was actually a failed lot of mini pavlova). I put layers of Chantilly cream, strawberries from the garden and disastrous pavlova into gorgeous glasses. A sort of Eton Mess.


  1. Well I am glad he was able to get it back up and running so I can see all the fun things you are going to come up with. Your newest follower


    Creative Raisisn

    1. Hi Lisa, thanks so much for following. I am thrilled to be back and am aiming to keep regular posts up.

  2. I"m glad you got it sorted. You kinda get attached to blogging really, well I have :) Eton mess is my favourite summer pudding. Yummy :)

    1. Hey Deb - I thought I could live a life without it. I had not realised how much I think about it. If I am cooking or gardening etc I am always thinking "take a photo". Until I did not have it I had not realised. But also need to control it a bit as looking at others blogs does take lots of time. Will ALWAYS follow you though. Love your blog, don't know how you do it with study etc


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