Thursday, November 1, 2012

What's on my washing line and sewing table

Piles and piles of gorgeous Thai silk. I bought this silk when I was 20 and went overseas. On a Singapore stopover I could not resist all the silk and at amazingly cheap prices (well at that time compared to NZ they were).

These materials have been in storage since then (yes I kid you not - 24 years!!!!). As you know from my previous blog posts we are going to try to get to the Victorian Festival in Oamaru in a couple of weeks. I have an Edwardian dress I made for Aaron's 25th birthday party. But the boys and Aaron need something. I was going to make them vests and bow ties for my sisters upcoming wedding anyway. So I am now doing it a bit earlier.

I had kept these in storage, as from memory I thought I only bought a metre of each and that is not really enough to do anything particular with. BUT wouldn't you know it - I actually bought decent amounts. Some are 1.5 metres and some are 2 metres. Oh my but I might need to do a skirt for me for some occasion.

The pattern
So over the next two weeks it will be busy busy busy sewing silk. The boys chose their silks this morning before school. They want reversible waistcoats and two different bow ties each. I washed the silk this morning and maybe will get to cut out something tonight.

I link to parties listed here.


  1. That is going to be some special silk garnmetns!

  2. Just stopping by from Sew Many Ways' blog party. Ah, a fellow fabric junkie, love those silks! I have some old fabric in bins. And by old, I mean twenty-five or so. Have fun sewing for your boys!
    Val @

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