Monday, November 5, 2012

I could not resist

You would think that I did not already have enough to do. I have a garage sale to organise for next weekend (yes I have decided that Aaron telling me to clear out does mean a big garage sale - my sister Anna is joining me with heaps of stuff), at least three waistcoats and goodness knows how many bow ties to make from the silk here.

I was ironing the silk tonight and got sidetracked. I could not remember which colours Jakob had chosen so I could not cut the patterns out. So I just kept ironing. This pile will become another 100% recycled quilt. This time a flannelette one. It will be half square triangles like the quilt I made for Alex, but in girly colours. This one is destined for the caravan for Aaron and I.

I had the pieces cut out, now they are ironed and ready to go. (I will need to cut more white, but hey why do that when I can do the fun sewing thing). Instead of marking my diagonal lines, when I have big squares, I just iron them and the iron mark works as the stitching guide. I find this a lot quicker than marking them in pencil or pen.

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  1. What cute flannelette - what are you upcycling it from?

    1. Hi Kari - It is pajama tops that I find at Charity Shops. For some odd reason I find a lot of them that are almost brand new but no bottoms to match, so they are only 50 cents each

  2. Really neat fabric for the quilt. Love the dancing cow!

  3. I love the quilt in your title bar, beautiful!


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