Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Wow look at my $5 chair

My gorgeous new chair. All finished
The back - before shot
On Saturday after rugby I stopped at the Op Shop (charity shop) in Rangiora called "The free shop". I got a  linen jacket (which you may see later in spring - I have thoughts in my head about remodelling it for my cousin and great friend - Kerryn - wedding) and I got a chair for $5. There were three of the chairs there, but the others had big cracks or bits missing or were wobbly. I can't fix those things, I can only titivate stuff. So I picked one that was solid and could see the potential.

Around our dining table we have an eclectic mix of chairs. One is an original chair from the Earnslaw steam ship. (I worked on that boat years ago, as hostess, kitchen hand and in the school holidays I dressed as a dragon and did kids entertainment). One is a very expensive handmade, turns into kitchen stepladder, chair from a maker up near Motueka where my parents live. The one I am sitting on while typing I got from the dump shop for $2 and is bog standard, find it everywhere in NZ chair. The fourth was a chair for $1 from the Amberley recycle centre. It is an old school chair and quite raggy. Good to pull out when we need an extra but could do with being retired.

I had been on the lookout for a new chair for ages. I found it on Saturday. I forgot to take before photos and had already started some sanding when I dashed to get my camera. It required A LOT of sanding. Took me about two hours as some could be done with the machine but lots of fiddly bits had to be done by hand. I sanded with 60 grit to get all the muck off. Then I sanded with 180 grit. Then I have put on two coats of polyurethane. And I love it!!! It looks like a new chair and for $5. Thrilled, Pleased, Proud, have to show everyone who comes into the house.

I am also trying to action on the things I get. Rather than park them in the garage and think about redoing them in a years time. So am thrilled that this was purchased on the Saturday and finished on Tuesday.

Before - sanding had just started
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  1. Sweet!! It looks awesome. Good find and food work!

  2. Nothing like a great find! good job :)

  3. Brilliant find! I've always wanted to have an eclectic mix of chairs :)

  4. Thank you for your comment on my blog :-)
    What a great find - it looks really nice sanded.


    Come on over and like Eddie's Room on Facebook for some crafty ideas and conversation. :-) Can't wait to meet you!

  5. Great score! I found one very similar the other day but it cost me $10 at the Mariri recycling (you might know it's just out of Motueka), but needs more work than yours, including sanding off the $10 written on in marker pen! Why do they do that!?


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