Saturday, May 4, 2013

Travelling Iron case

The iron all parceled up
Last year I found a Russel Hobbs travelling iron at a second hand store. We tested it in store and it worked well, even the steam function operated as it should. So for a princely sum of $6 I bought it. Ever since I have been worried about travelling with it if it had not cooled down completely.

On one of our trips south I found some heat resistant fabric at Annie's Country Quilt Store in Ashburton. Then I found some gorgeous material at Sew Pretty online store.

So last night I finally got around to starting and finishing a case to keep the iron in which also substitutes as an ironing board when I am travelling. It has thick cotton batting in the middle, heat resistant fabric on the inside and gorgeous sewing themed material on the outside. Finished with a covered button.

At the back of the photos you will see some sewing of selvedges I have been doing today. This is going to be a companion that will hold my rulers and cutters etc when I go out and about. Just finished putting the selvedges on using "quilt as you go" method.

The iron ready to wrap

The heat resistant side. Ready to iron on when out and about

The outer 


  1. Nice! That's a great idea and came out really well!

  2. that is so cool! literally. =) I have wondered about how to handle my hot iron after toting it to class, too. great solution! thanks for stopping by my blog and being kind enough to leave a comment.

  3. Love that it doubles as an ironing board. Great idea!

  4. A very smart and practical finish. I've been lucky in that *someone else* always brings the iron to any sew-ins I've ever attended, but my day is coming, I'm sure. I will have to remember this great idea!

  5. Great idea, thanks for stopping by:) Hugs, Biljana

  6. Super cute idea!Thanks for sharing!
    Have a wonderful week!
    Hugs from Portugal,

    Ana Love Craft

  7. Love this idea....never seen a travelling iron before! But do sympathise with the worry of packing away a hot iron.

    1. If you want one - nurse maudes trademe site in chch has a listing for one at the moment. It is on a $1 reserve and no bids yet.

  8. Thats gotta be a one-of-a-kind! It turned out really well for you. Great idea!


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