Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Cold night

Lights off, candles on.
Tonight (and today) has been cold. Sleet, rain, wind and snow - it is all happening here.

Aaron has been doing a lot of work lately. Did three hours last night finishing at about 2am, then today was over an hour later home than usual. When he rang to say he would be home in about 40 minutes I set up some comfort time for him.

We have bath candles but I also lit all the dining room candles and put them in the bathroom too.

We love Living Light candles and they burn for mega hours!
The bubbles are from Lush.  I think I might sew!!!
Living Light candles
Bubbles in , candles lit, all ready for a tired man.

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  1. That'd be nice to come home to Karen. Brrr. Sounds cold.

    Anne xx


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