Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Organise my pantry, a 45 minute job - NOT

Well a while ago my friend Steff said that she finally got around to sorting her pantry out. "It only took 45 minutes, so I don't know why I didn't do it earlier" said she. So heartened by this I approached my pantry with great optimism.

Over the last 6 months I have been acquiring old Tupperware  I had a lot of glass jars but being round they just took up too much room. I have gotten tupperware from many sources - garage sales, op shops, trademe etc. Usually I try for the 50 cent bargains but sometimes have paid up to $3 a piece if it has been exactly what I wanted.

(Don't tell Aaron but now I NEED to get more - you can see that the pantry is not completely sorted yet!).

Well I started at 2.30pm, was I finished by 3.30pm - NO. Went to a work meeting, came back and started again - was I finished in an hour - NO. Went to prayer group at church and came home at 9pm and started again. Am I finished (now 10.15pm) - NO!!!!!
The after - Top half
The before - Top Half

So the top part of my pantry is almost all sorted. As you can see the right hand side needs some containers.
I haven't even tackled the bottom bit yet. One day I will - sigh.
I will now have to find a better place to hide the chocolate, it is too easy to spot now.

The bottom - before
The After - top half


  1. I can only dream of such a level of organisation, it's looking great! thanks for linking-tupperware rocks!

  2. Great idea for sourcing Tupperware, it's just so expensive when it's new.

  3. Loving the pops of colour in there!

  4. I agree the glass jars take up too much room...I should check out my local op shop for some tupperware too! though regardless, my pantry space is a quarter of organisation is like a bit of a jigsaw ( tiny 1950's bach kitchen )so I'll have to wait till the 'one day' extension happens :))

    1. Oh. Our kitchen extension was meant to be done the year we moved in - 10 years ago. Now it will never happen as I have come to realise that I can cook in this space. So saving money for other things - more op shopping, more fabric :)

  5. it looks great - I can see why it took so much time too :o)

  6. It looks great! I am desperate for tupperware or some such fantastic storage tools so I can do just what you did!

  7. Wonderful job! I like to stay organized, but unfortunatly the man I chose to marry isn't great at keeping things that way :)

    I wanted to invite you to join in our Meet & Greet Blog Hop! It runs Wednesday till the end of Friday, come link up if you have some time :)

  8. Karen, don't tell me that. I'm hoping to redo my pantry this weekend and I want it to take no more than an hour. Ok, who am I kidding? LOL I love how you used second hand Tupperware. There's so much of it in the op shop. Who needs to pay exhorbitant prices for the new stuff. Love your work. Thanks for linking up to Thriving on Thursday. I'm featuring this one tomorrow.

    Anne xx

    1. Thanks Anne, can't wait to see what you do to your pantry. Will you let us sneak a look via your blog?


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