Thursday, May 9, 2013

I've been goldmining

Well to be real, I have been in the creek at school trying to find salted "gold (Lead covered in gold nail polish). Jakob has been completing a module on gold mining in NZ. They have looked at the hard life that it was, who made money (if any), how terribly the Chinese miners were treated. Living conditions etc.

So today was the big wrap up. Everyone was to wear costume and spend the day as a miner. Jakob was the banker so got paid a wage. Some miners found no gold, some lots. They learnt how damper used to be made with hops and then one of the very energetic mums cooked damper for them all (2 classes of kids) so they could taste that old fashioned flavor. The policeman was busy putting people in jail for claim hoping.

All in all it was fantastic. Lots of little bits of reality - Kids cold from the wet water, kids not wanting to stop mining because they had not yet found some, some segregated off and had to be on the other bank as they were Chinese. Jakob's school has done Very very well.
Jakob's teacher
So keen to find gold that the dresses got WET!

Learning about damper


The mining settlement

The Banker and the policeman
What I wore


  1. Well that did do that well....I especially love the last pic with you in costume and with modern day gadgets at hand!

  2. What a great activity! The children would have loved it! Good job to the teacher who organised it and all the parents who participated!


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