Wednesday, December 21, 2016

Teaching the next generation how to make meringues

My Niece and Nephew came for the afternoon and dinner after my husband's family Christmas get together. Over time we have baked together a lot. Today I was making meringues to take to a Christmas get together with my friends. 

Meike asked if she could help and then went and got her apron and away we went. It was the first time she had used a piping bag, as well as the first time I had tried to teach someone. It took a bit for me to work out how to let her know when to squeeze and when to stop so each meringues remained separate. 
Of course the best bit is always to lick the beaters after. I had a lovely batch to take to my friends and Meike had a small bag to take home with her.

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  1. Very cute! The licking part is always the best part for kids and BIG kids too!


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