Thursday, December 15, 2016

A 30 minute refashion.

30 minute project
 I bought a dress for 50 cents at the Op Shop. Too small but lovely flowing T-shirt material that does not fray. I immediately knew I would make a skirt to muck around in, for when I do not feel like wearing shorts.

I purchased a very wide elastic for the cost of $4, cut the dress just below the bodice and then zig zagged on the elastic. Not a pretty attachment but I want it to be really casual.
The elastic I bought
The super cheap 50cent skirt

Super happy with the result for the time and money.

With ongoing health issues I need to find projects that are quick and easy and use no brain power. But creating is also my happy place, so it is important to keep doing it.

Linking to these place and crazy mum quilts.

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