Sunday, December 11, 2016

Mrs Claus and the Elves are hard at work

With Aaron away in Australia visiting and watching Cold Play, the boys and I have been getting on with a massive pile of Christmas making and wrapping. We should have Aaron's present finished before he comes home.
But here is a sneak peek - As Aaron reads this blog we cannot reveal too much.

Yep, destroy that kitchen

Goodness knows what the joke was.

 Aaron had lots of one year old boy cuddles and time with his awesome cousin. Here at home the weather was icky and we had the normal Christmas routine of school plays etc.
Eli is on the left of Herod - his bodyguard

We did a few things here too. Went to the stock cars and fireworks night. Visited puppies. It rained heaps and one night it poured over the gutter. So the next day we inspected and cleaned that part of the gutter. But there was not much goo in there, just too much water coming out of the sky!!!


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