Saturday, December 3, 2016

Crazy Christmas at our house

I did not think we would be getting into the Christmas spirit much this year but it is amazing how quickly that turns. The boys and I cleaned the living areas as our job today and then pulled the living Olive tree, we use as a Christmas Tree at our house, into the area.

Fairy V2
Next thing Eli open's the Christmas box and finds the fairy skirt. He says "Oh, Christmas V2". Last year he ended up looking like this! Our Christmas Elf.
Elf V1
Jakob then disappeared into the back blocks of his bedroom and reappeared as slightly creepy Rudolf, who apparently has a penchant for hiding in Christmas trees. So a bit of fun, some laughs and some Christmas feeling happened. 
Creepy Rudolf.
Can't wait to see next year and V3!!


  1. Thank you for the awesome Christmas smiles! Good that your boys have such a good sense of humor!


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