Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Upcycle drawers to Lego station

The messy room
The tidy room - thanks Lego Station
Well this has got to be the longest DIY project in ages.

It all started as I remodeled Jakob's room last year. As part of that I gave him new storage as I was sick of the stuff on the floor. But over the last few months I have realised (maybe from the number of times I have had to get him to tidy his room) that it just was not working for him.

He likes to sort Lego and keep it like that. He wants to keep all the things he has just made -actually made up. And I was sick and tired of not being able to walk in his room or vacumn.

I was sick of asking him to tidy up and looked at it from another angle - I had not provided him with what he needed for the way he played.

In the garage was a set of drawers that Aaron had remodeled when he was in his early teens. It had been painted white and he hand sanded and stripped it and polished it up. But it was looking tired.

There were a few glitches on the way - I did think this project would be done in a couple of days. But the first time I started polyethylene to finish it looked terrible!! I had hand sanded and it just was not enough. Then I hand sanded again, then I gave up and used machines!!

There is one more thing that needs to be added. The top is going to have a Lego baseboard glued to it so that his pieces can be built on it and not move.

I love that this has now been upcycled / recycled twice. That is really good use of resources without spending money.

The drawers before

Hand sanding - never again!!

big mistake - looking worse after the first layer of polyurethane

Put dividers into the middle drawer - good for sorting Lego - also added new handles

Put wheels on so it can move from room to room to play with

Finally finished after more sanding and 4 layers of polyurethane

The boys doing the big inspection. Lots of discussion and excitement
In Situ

Lego in the new Lego Station, no more lego on the floor.


  1. Your talents are endless my friend :) x

  2. Brilliant, what a great station :)

  3. Every lego-mad boy needs one of these, great job Mum!

  4. I love it...this is what my eldest needs!! He is exactly the same about his lego....the lego baseboard for the top will be a great addition too!!

  5. Great idea! Hope it continues to work out! And love the wheels so it can be moved! :)

    Came here from Show n Tell :)

    x Sophie

    1. thanks sophie. I love your tea trolley makeover

  6. What a great idea
    My Mr 7 is also lego mad - I have his in plastic containers - works so far

    Visiting from Show n Tell

  7. this is a great idea I hate all the mess and clutter that so quickly fills all the spaces in the house. Love all the preserving too. :o) Thanks for all your lovely comments. You are a no-reply blogger so I couldn't email you back :o)

  8. What a great idea. I love that you took the time to ask why your sons room was always messy and found a system that works for him. Brilliant!


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